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What’s This Oil Pulling All About?


Oil Pulling

Since I am a total wellness health coach I believe in the benefits of releasing toxins from the body through juice cleanses, clean eating, home detoxing etc.  Most, recently I was  intrigued by the benefits of oil pulling.  Oil pulling has been around for years and has its origins in Ayurveda, which is an ancient Indian practice to treat various imbalances in the body. Sesame oil and coconut oil seem to be the most commonly used oils for this practice.

Some Benefits of Oil pulling

  • Strengthens teeth and gums
  • Reduces inflammation that can cause disease
  • Improves the function of your lymphatic system
  • Improves hormonal imbalances
  • Reduces sinus congestion and allergy issues as well
  • Improves GI tract issues

My goal is to keep you all informed when it comes to your health and I wouldn’t tell you to do something I wouldn’t do myself so I decided to try oil pulling.

I had to get myself mentally prepared to do it so it took me at least 3 weeks of researching, researching some more and more contemplation on the subject matter.  Finally, one Saturday morning I decided to be brave and try it.

I didn’t go and purchase any special oil, I simply went into the kitchen cabinet for my staple organic raw coconut oil.  Coconut oil and sesame oil seem to be the most popular, however you can also use olive oil too.  I started with one heaping tablespoon of the hard white chunky coconut oil (I looked at it long and hard before I actually placed it in my mouth).  Then I set the timer on my phone for 20 minutes so I wouldn’t do it longer of course than I had to (that was a mental thing for me).  At first it was a not so pleasant experience because of the texture just lingering in your month but once you start to let it melt with your saliva the experience actually got better.  It also doesn’t hurt that coconut oil has a nice flavor to it( although you don’t swallow it) its still good to have the coconut taste swishing around in your mouth.  Once it was melted I had no problem swishing the oil around for 20 minutes per the recommendations of oil pulling articles.  The key I believe, is to make sure you occupy your 20 minutes of oil pulling with other activities to take your mind off of the process.  I decided to wash clothes, make a smoothie and by the time I sat down to watch an old episode of Sex and the City (yep, still a fan), the timer went off!  I was happy but also said to myself, ok that wasn’t bad at all and the 20 minutes went by extremely fast.  I quickly spit the oil out in a plastic bag because again you’re not supposed to swallow the oil for many reasons one being you’d be putting all the toxins that were just pulled from your mouth back in again, and that’s gross. Then I made a 8 ounce glass of filtered water and sea salt to gargle.  That part was actually worse than the actual oil pulling itself.  After that I brushed my teeth and went on about my day.  Since I didn’t have any problem with the experience I went on to oil pull for the next 5 consecutive days.  Now of course you’re probably thinking did you feel better.  I can’t say that I saw a change, however I didn’t feel any worse so that’s always a good sign.

Will I continue to oil pull?  Of course because we are very much into natural remedies to heal the body and with oil pulling it doesn’t get any more natural than that.  Perhaps Ill try it again if I have a headache or some GI issues and then write about oil pulling again.  Stay tuned!


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