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You Want To Take My Uterus And I’m Only 20 Something!

At some point in my late 20’s I was faced with the terrifying fact at lest for me, that I would not be able to bear the children that I might have some day wanted. I already endured taking birth control pills and the dreaded hormone therapy to try to shrink the foreign little objects wreaking havoc on my body. My periods were quite heavy and I missed at least one day from school or work every month because I was in so much pain. I had a constant rotation of Tylenol and Goody powder on hand ready to pop multiple times per day. Of course this was all before I knew anything about the dangers of taking so much medication. My period pain was so bad I would get chills and would almost vomit. I thought this type of monthly friend issue was normal. Why, because almost every girl and family member in my life had endured the same issues. So fast forward to the that terrible doctors visit. Your fibroids have returned and your uterus is stretched like your  pregnant. Yeah tell me something I didn’t know. No matter how many ab exercises I did, no bread ever and would run 10 miles my stomach still had a bulge and that was with no kids. I was anemic for most of my life and needed to go on those terrible iron horse pills that make you constipated like crazy! So again your fibroids have returned. How can that be? I just had surgery less than 5 years ago. I had benign tumors removed from my uterus, then breast three times. I endured the needle aspiration and the wait to see if the cysts or tumors were benign or cancerous. Thank God each time the tests came back negative.

I was a woman in her 20’s not married and not even dating seriously. To hear that you may not have kids was a scary thought. I remember going to my car and crying about my uncertain future. I remember siting in that car thinking at first ok who am I casually dating and who could I speed up the process with to holy matrimony so I could have my dream of a husband, 2.5 kids, a picket fence and home in the suburbs. As I was going through my mental rolodex of people I was seeing none fit the bill of husband so I snapped out of my crazy thinking. I said to myself the devil is a lie and I’m going to take control and not worry. I prayed about it and asked God to allow me to have children one day. Then I let it go and went on with my life.

Stay tuned for the next blog post on what happened next.

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