Callie Bradford

Today is a New Day! So Act Like It


This morning as I jogged on the treadmill with the ultimate coach/accountability partner right beside me we started talking about starting over and reinventing yourself.  We had a slight difference of opinion on how to move past your mistakes and move forward.  His thought was that you don’t look at the past and what you did or to whom you did it to because that is living in the past not the present.  My question was how do you learn from past mistakes then if you don’t assess what happened and learn from it.  Is it not good karma to atone for past mistakes if you hurt someone ? That is the question of the day. We think about past lovers, what our parents did to us when we were younger and still harbor ill feelings toward the teacher that said we would never amount to anything when we were 12.  A great deal of us remain stuck in the past without even realizing that we are doing it.  Ask yourself these questions to know rather or not you indeed are shackled to your past mistakes and past lives.  Do you constantly rehash what someone did, said or didn’t do or say to you? I have a friend that every time we get together he tells me the exact same stories about his ex wives and what they all did to try to harm him and it was 20 or more years ago (its so exhausting).  He lives alone and pretty much stays to himself now that he is in his 60’s and hasn’t really moved past what happened “to him”.  He is stuck and cannot move forward with anyone else because he is chained to his past and dragging all the people that he feels harmed him like a 100 pound weight behind him.  Do you recall every moment of the encounter as if it was yesterday?  Are you reliving the deed and filled with the same negative emotion when you talk about the circumstance or person that you deemed did you wrong?  Are you telling your story over and over and over and over again and again to the same people?  Are you feeling stuck and feeling some type of way about what once was?  Do you treat the current people that have come into your life like crap because you are still broken and afraid of being hurt again?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are stuck in the rut of a past that no longer freaking exists.  Its almost like you are having your own personal ground hogs day daily.  There is a much quoted saying…the past is gone, the future is not here yet and the present is a gift.  Its so true, if you are looking at it from the right perspective.  There is not a darn thing you can do about past mistakes and you certainly can’t suddenly send yourself into the future like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.  All you have is now!   What do you plan to do with the opportunities to be a better version of yourself right now today?  You are missing out on the precious gift of today to make new decisions, better choices and to live and enjoy the life that you have been blessed with living. You may say but ever since I did that wrong thing my life has been going badly.   Guess what its only going badly because you have yet to change your thoughts about the past.  You are probably living with some guilt or perhaps you haven’t gotten over the pain of being hurt. You haven’t moved on from the past and because of it you cannot enjoy the present or create a better future.  So, how can you leave the past right where it belongs and move on?  By making a conscious decision to do just that.  Stop telling the story of what happened.  Everyday wake up with gratitude for where you are today, even the small stuff matters.  I wake up in the morning and sometimes just say thank you for the comfortable bed I go to sleep in and wake up in every morning.  Have gratitude that you have a car to drive and money to put gas in it.  How about just be happy that you are breathing and on this side of the dirt.  Now thats something to be happy about for sure!  Forgot about the past its gone, over and done.  Live for today and invent a better and even greater life than you had before that thing that no longer even exists happened.  In the words of my sister who literally shut the front the door on her past and never looked back… get your mind right and make a conscious effort to do it daily till it comes easy and you no longer think about it.  Live!!!

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