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The 4 Day Detox, Relief From Hot-Flashes and Weight Gain!


The 4 Day Detox, Relief From Hot-Flashes and Weight Gain!

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Your 4-Day Detox Includes: Step by Step Guide, The Detox Plan, Hot Flash Healing Juice and Smoothie Recipes Detox Guide, Shopping List, Detox Recipes and Bonus Healing Herb E Book



Your Hot Flash Healer Is Here!

“Oh my gosh! I LOVE the Green Power! BTW my sleep has been great the past two nights, no tossing and turning, no fan on all night. I only got hot because the hubs was trying to cuddle”!

Raquel R. Robinson, M.A, M. Ed. Performance Improvement Coach, Author and Speaker 

“I Feel So Great, My Stomach Is Not Bloated Anymore”.

“Thanks So Much For All Your Help”.

Tonia Shelby

“This detox is just what I needed. I didn’t realize how much gluten and sugar I had allowed back in my diet.  Yesterday was withdrawal day for me but I’m good today.  I had to switch my ring to a different finger.”

 Kenya Bullock

“How my body responded is just mind blowing !!!! I’ve TIRED other Detoxes BUT NOTHING COMPARES to your Detox system. I lost 7.4 pounds and kept going”❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗


This 4 Day Detox is proven to work time and time again!

I lost 8 pounds, had more energy and got rid of those dreaded hot flashes in just 4 short days!

What Does Your 4 Day Detox Include:

Your 4 Day  Step by Step  Guide

The Detox Plan

Hot Flash Healing Juice and Smoothie Recipesetox Guide

Shopping List

Detox Recipes

Bonus Healing Herb E Book


Bonus Free Download of Healing Herbs Guide

Bonus, Bonus Sign Up and Join the Club!  Monthly Membership includes, exclusive access to recipes, meal plans, new healthy videos, webinars, daily healthy habits text messages, juice cleanse discounts, complimentary health history and consultation,  personal emails and texts from your personal health coach.


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