Callie Bradford

My Story

callieComing Together: Mind, Body and Soul

Callie Bradford, MS, CPT, CNC, Holistic Health Coach

To people on the outside looking in, it seemed like I had it all – a college education, a very successful career as a biopharmaceutical sales leader with  a persona that exuded confidence and commanded respect. The truth is my journey to finding inner balance was a grueling process. But I hid it well. While my material success appeared to come effortlessly, I can assure you it was anything but. I paid a hefty price for being the woman that “made it look easy.”

My childhood was difficult. My father passed away when I was nine years old, leaving my mother to raise me and my siblings alone. We struggled financially, often making due without a telephone or electricity. It was at this age I learned to mask my pain from the world.

I did well in school. And went on to college to earn an undergraduate degree in sociology and a master’s degree in business management. Then I began my fifteen-year career in pharmaceutical sales, climbing my way to the top as a district manager. Though I was winning corporate awards for launching life-saving medications for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, my own health was declining.

I was trapped in a cycle of addiction. Food, shopping and toxic relationships were my drugs of choice.

My wake up call was having numerous lumpectomies and surgeries to remove fibroid tumors. My last surgery resulted in the removal of 72 fibroid tumors from my uterus. I was thirty-four years old and facing the likelihood of infertility. I had to change my life. And I knew there was no surgery or magic pill that would do it for me.

I set out to learn what lifestyle changes I could make to heal myself. Along the way, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. I also found a mentor, a person who taught me that the power of positive thinking isn’t just a another phrase we hear everyday, it’s a lifestyle.

While earning my certification at Integrated Nutrition, a cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts including, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Katz.

Slowly but surely, I removed harmful foods from my diet, eventually becoming a vegan. I broke my cycle of emotional eating and my weight stabilized. I applied the same theory of balance to my relationships and spending habits, ending these cycles of addiction as well.

I’m no longer plagued with fibroid tumors or the fear of infertility. In fact, I now have a son.

These lifestyle changes so powerfully impacted my well-being I feel compelled to share my knowledge with others. I founded Transform for Wellness, which focuses on educating families and children about holistic nutrition and preventative health.

I believe prevention truly starts with our children. My non-profit, Next Generation Fit Kids, engages the community to fight against childhood obesity.

I am a living testament that food is medicine. That health does not come in a pill. That happiness does not come from the approval of others. I no longer hide behind a mask of external success. My inner peace now shines from the inside out.