Callie Bradford


Live your Best Life!

Its that coveted time of year for all the basketball enthusiast around the world. The time when you will find men and women alike glued to their television sets as we March our way to the final four teams that will vigorously compete for the top title. After enduring somewhat of a trying end of February I thought to myself its time to stop the madness and create the life I want without apology. Are you living life according to someones else’s rules? You know married to the person they said was perfect for you but it turns out they were not. Are you trapped in a 9-5 so much to the point that you dread Monday morning? You make ton a of money but live in a constant state of misery daily thinking about the work you do? Are you living in Chicago (we love the windy city by the way) but you really long for 365- day a year sunshine, beaches and life without snow storms and winter boots? Well if this sounds about right then it is time to stop the madness. My dear mother use to say misery loves company and as I navigate through this life there were no truer words spoken. People will try to bring you down to their miserable level if you allow them to have that kind of control over you. Newsflash! You are in control of your life and nobody else, If you are living the life you don’t want you are the only one to blame and its time to stop the madness. Why place such emphasis on madness? Because when you think about it, if you allow someone else to control you and your destiny then something is very wrong. Never, ever give anyone that type of control over your life. So you want to be a famous writer, climb Mount Everest, be a rock star or a doctor… then the decision to do so lies within you and nobody else. I’ve learned through experience that people will find a reason to dislike you, hate on you, talk about you no matter what. Since that is the case, give them something juicy to sit around and commiserate about. She lived her best life, wrote her on story and is living her life like its golden realizing all her dreams. If you aren’t living your best life then let March be the month to stop the madness and live! I am!!!

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