Callie Bradford

Leaving Behind the Old and Welcoming the New

2016 has certainly been a world-wind for all of us no matter which continent you live on. We have all had to deal with the pendulum going from tragedy, loss and suffering in some form or fashion to joy, happiness and outright euphoria. You’d swear that we were all somewhat bi-polar to say the least. Most are very optimistic about the newness of 2017. We are hopeful that this year we will experience more good times than bad. More prosperity than lack and more love than hate. My attitude is the glass is half-full mentality. Meaning, when life hands you lemons, make lots of sweet lemonade. In order to make the most of your life you have to first do three things.

  1. Turn your vision into a plan of action. No dream can come to fruition without it being written down into an actual plan with specific actions you need to accomplish in order to make your dream a reality. Write those goals down and be specific. Have a timeline for completion. This way you don’t get sidetracked with mundane busy work and task that don’t help you reach your goal. Start January 1st with a vision board party. Invite your like-minded friends (operative term like-minded is important) and family to participate then help each other stay on task to accomplish what you desire.
  2. Rid yourself of baggage that has been weighing you down. We carry around baggage of old relationships, painful memories, revenge, unforgiveness, jealousy, envy, arrogance, perfection, anger, and even weight. Letting go literally is an important part of the process if you want to be free and sore to higher heights. When you catch yourself still talking about what someone did or said to you again in 2017 like you have for the past 10 years, stop, put a muzzle on it and move on. Focus on putting good vibes into the universe instead of negative ones.
  3. Get yourself some new friends!!! If you are around a circle of folks that don’t push, motivate nor elevate you to the next level of greatness you’ve got the wrong crew. Purging friends isn’t easy, but necessary for sure. We often hold on to friends because we don’t want to deal with the pain of change and letting go. You must, you must. Get with a group of people that will get you to your peak of greatness. They are people that share the same values and goals. They help you to unleash the super powers already with you. Stopping hanging with the negative Nellies and Nicks of the world. Their energy is draining and will only hinder your road to greatness. Toxic relationships aren’t always romantic in nature. When I look to let people in my circle I look for specific qualities. Do they talk about other people or ideas and thoughts on how to be better? Do they engage in excessive negative, human petty behavior more than positive? Do they have a positive outlook on life or are they always naysayers about everything?   Are they in your corner cheering you on or in the background silent? Are they just talking about it or are they being about it! Just my two cents on how to make the New Year and yourself great again!


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