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Are You Desperate For a Breakthrough? Here is Your Answer!

Television is on, radio blaring, kids crying and arguing in the back ground, text, email, Facebook, Instagram and tweet notifications seem to fill up the space in your head non-stop.  Do you feel comfortable taking the time to delete the white noise and just sit in silence with your thoughts?  Most of us in today’s fast paced world are uncomfortable being one with ourselves and thoughts.  I used to be that way till I recently met someone who taught me to enjoy the silence and be in the moment.   Being silent and getting in touch with nature is a form of meditation and can be very healing to your mind, body and spirit.  Its also a demonstration of gratitude and appreciation for what God has created for us here on earth to enjoy.  Do you know that with silence also comes revelation and breakthroughs? Revelation about what to do next, who to connect with, how to move forward, how to go beyond where you are currently and be your best self.  You can call it intuition,  that gut feeling and some call it God speaking to you when you have a clear head that can hear.   That feeling you get is like our soul trying to connect with us in a way that moves us into one direction or another.  Its tells us to act on something (always positive at least it is for me).  Side note, if the voice in your head is telling you to do something not so positive that’s probably  not the voice to listen to.  A recent chain of unfortunate events has created a space for me to be more reflective and intentional about my space and need for quiet time.  When I’m silent I have  a much clearer head and can turn off the white-noise to understand what Im intended to do on a much higher  level.  My gut, my God, my intuition has been directing me for months to not only heal myself through prayer and meditation but through fasting as well.   I’ve had the strong feeling for many months now that says you need to heal so you can be a healer to many others.  True.  So how do you do that? By removing the toxic people (done) and in most cases food from your life.  Why food?  Glad you asked…because if your body is always focused on digesting how can it also focus on healing and hearing? Our organs have to process so many chemicals from the food that unfortunately we focus on processing more than anything else to rid our system of the junk the body doesn’t need.  We also need to clear space from the above in order to move to a new space in life and create an environment of healing and breakthroughs.  Here is the formula.

  1. Silence your cell phone, television, iPad ,computers first thing in the morning. Don’t allow the distractions of outside be the first thing you focus on upon waking.  Instead meditate, read, talk to God and ask him what you should you do today and ask that your steps be ordered for HIS purpose.  Pray for someone that needs healing and stand in the gap for them.
  2. Drink water at least a gallon per day to cleanse yourself of toxins, have clearer skin and increased energy.
  3. Cleanse the body and mind of chemicals and bad food by eating clean and healthy.  Ditch the sugar and processed food for fresh, raw fruits and veggies. Drink green juice and smoothies.
  4. Exercise at  at least 30 minutes per day.  Even if you haven’t before, the hardest part is getting started.  Set an appointment with your self to get in some physical activity. Walking counts!!
  5. Fast from social media unless its strictly for business.  We are spending countless, mindless hours liking other folks statuses and commenting on stuff that doesn’t move us any closer to what we want to achieve for ourselves or help others.  Instead, read a good book.  Self help, spirituality, how to, whatever your heart desires.  Volunteer, spend more quality  time with your family
  6. Lastly, journal your experience.  Doesn’t  have to be a novel but a quick point on how you’re feeling throughout the 30 days.  What did you accomplish? How will you do things differently after the 30 days?  Was someone positively affected by the transformation in you?

Truth is we are human and you may fall off the wagon during this time of fasting.  But don’t let falling off be your excuse for stopping.  My spiritual sister reminded me that you may have a moment of weakness.   We are creatures of habit and the natural tendency is to revert to your old self.  Thats ok!  It takes at least 21 days to formulate a new way of thinking, being and doing with consistency.  If you fall off get right back up and start over and set a new intention for yourself.  Feel free to email me at or leave a message on my website at  We all need support to make change and I need you so feel free to lean on me as well!

Ready, Set, GO!

Peace, Love and Light

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