Callie Bradford

Creating Healthy Habits










I was thinking this week about how powerful habits are when it comes to health. Of course we all have habits, both healthy and unhealthy, that are already part of our routine.   But wouldn’t it be great to be able to harness the power of habits in order to make health and personal wellness feel (imagine this) easy?

Habits are hard to make, that’s for sure! But, what’s really interesting is that they’re equally hard to break for good once they’re established. What does this mean for us? It means that, if we can get through the hard part of creating a pattern, we’re going to be able to keep those habits without too much effort on our part.

When I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle it was an easy road and it certainly wasn’t easy to break away from my carnivorous habit. I started out as a vegetarian, meaning I consumed a mostly plant based diet but still ate chicken, fish, eggs and cheese. Those foods were sill wreaking havoc on my body and I had to make a personal choice with support to change. Now I’m living a completely vegan lifestyle and I finally left those eggs alone. However change to occur overnight this was over a 10 year time frame.

So you can see, it’s not easy for me either! But I know the benefits to sticking with it even when things are tough.

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