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Unless I miss my guess, you’re probably wishing your coaching business
could be a lot more successful than it is right now. Am I right?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Almost all independent coaches I work with
started off being a little unsure of themselves. It’s natural.

But the GOOD NEWS is that I can help you overcome your insecurities about
SELLING your services so you can start making the BIG bucks!

I do this through my unique Sales 101 for Coaches 6-Week Workshop, which I’m inviting you to participate in, starting on January 18, 2016.

You Really CAN Make
Doing What You Love!

But You MUST Know HOW!

Callie-Bradford-Health-CoachListen: I come from a sales professional background. I was the top sales manager in my area (biopharmaceuticals) for 12 years. Overall, I have 18 years in sales.

I worked my way up from an impoverished childhood… went to college… got a job in sales… and have never looked back. Last year I was able to leave my pharmaceutical job to do what I love and that is helping clients to live their best life ever.

Throughout this year I have talked to dozens of coaches and the challenge of building their business always boils down to not knowing how to sell themselves or their brand. I discovered that I could help my fellow coaches (who were all struggling) learn how to SELL their services SUCCESSFULLY!

After much success among my students, we proved that you don’t have to wallow in the misery of working a day-job at something you despise… or the fear of going “full-time” as a coach, and wondering how you’re going to make your house payment!

My students have produced some amazing success stories.

Of course, there’s never a “guarantee” of success, because you still have to do your part.

But I can tell you this: When you enroll in my program, you won’t be wasting your time with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Many “coaches” just speculate on what works. You will no longer do that. You will know WHAT works and HOW it works. Then it’s up to you to WORK it!

My track record of proven sales success – combined with your desire to be very successful in your coaching business – will help you DO what you LOVE… and MAKING MONEY doing it!


P.S. Remember: The price goes up soon to $800 – so ACT NOW and “lock-in” the current price of only $599… first session begins Monday January 18th so you can start 2016 doing what you love.

            Enrollment spaces are limited so I can give each attendee individual attention. Therefore, classes sell out quickly.

ACT NOW or you might miss out!

What will you learn during this 6-week course:

  • red-target-and-dart5 steps to successfully grow your business
  • What’s your target market? Who do you want to work with?
  • Create a list of the companies you want to run programs for or become a wellness consultant
  • Meet the decision makers go where they go
  • Work your network
  • See the people
  • How to develop your brand and get more clients and more profit
  • Learn key strategies in the sales process to help you grow your business
  • Learn STP
  • Learn how to keep your income funnel full throughout the entire year
  • Management tips for greater productivity at the office and in your personal life
  • Strategies to balance work and family
  • Plus, secrets on how to create time and freedom in every aspect of your life
  • You will receive virtual coaching on your sales presentations
  • Create your action plan during a group 30 -minute strategy session
  • Plus access to one of my DFY coaching programs
  • Group sales circles simulations
  • Social media tools you can use
  • How to get things done without paying a high cost
  • Knowing what you’re worth
  • What expenses do I include when contracting

Don’t get your training from someone speculating on how to do it.

Register with someone who has a track record of proven sales success. I’ve been able to take the skills I learned in pharmaceuticals and create s very successful coaching business.

Learn to love what you do and make money doing it!

Class begins Monday so hurry to hold your spot.

PS. All webinars and teleconferences are recorded for you to refer or view at your convenience!