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Break the Holiday Binge Cycle


Are you that person who year after year are in the same cycle of binging and dieting during the holiday season?  We go from party to party, house to house eating up everything but the kitchen sink. Then we jump on the scale on New Years Day mortified, vowing to lose the dreaded 10-15 pounds we picked up between the months of October through the end of December.  Why do we punish our temples in such a way?  Habit, tradition, lack of self control?  My sister said something to me as she was making the traditional peach cobbler, mac and cheese and sweet potatoes… don’t let us a be a bad influence on you! Hmmm.. bad influence on me was something to think about.  So do we eat, eat and eat again because of the food and people surrounding us?  Why yes, yes we do.  Will power can only take you so far if you are not prepared.  So here are my top 5 tips for Breaking the Holiday Binge Cycle:

  1. Eat before you attend a family, work or holiday gathering.
  2. Give yourself a pass to indulge in a small saucer of the traditional holiday foods you love.
  3. Pack your own food!  Take a healthier version of the foods you eat during the holidays and share it and the recipe with your friends and family.
  4. Don’t let the food be the focal point of the gathering.  The holidays are a time to get together, love on one another, reminicesse , catch up with old friends and be totally present in the experience.  You don’t want to be in a food coma and miss out on the precious all too infrequent time with loved ones.
  5. Don’t leave the food out to graze all day.  The longer you leave the food out the more likely you are to go back for seconds, thirds and fourths.  Here is a little tip to help you.  Did you know the longer food sits out the more you are likely to have stomach upset because of the bacteria built up on food that has been left out for hours?  I’m just saying if the fear of the extra pounds don’t do it for you perhaps fear of spending the evening with the porcelain throne will.

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